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19 Jan 2014
Stem cells live in every person's bone marrow. In addition, they flow in people's blood from the bone marrow. Bone marrow stem cells grow to be red or white blood cells, also known as platelets. This can help someone's body maintain its health. Damaged stem cells lead to abnormal blood cells. Should stem cells be weakened or destroyed, your entire body malfunctions. This is exactly why an allogeneic stem cell transplant is critical.

Allogeneic stem cell transplants show that stem cells from somebody else are used to balance a body's stem cells. Donors can be unknown towards the recipient though relatives are very likely to present stem cells that may work without a lot of complications. This is totally different from having one's own...

19 Jan 2014
Lupus is a disease linked to the immune system. The immune system is a protective process in the body that battles off foreign invaders, which include bacteria, viruses and germs. Humans have B cells which manufactures proteins called antibodies and they are the very first defense in guarding the body from harmful invaders. When Lupus exists, the body’s immune system cannot know the difference between the healthy tissue and cells from that of the dangerous invaders. The system produces autoantibodies, and they remain in the body more than needed. This causes an attack on the healthy cells which leads to a number of symptoms that may cause pain, swelling, rashes, heat, swelling and tissue damage. 

About 1.5 to 2 million Americans have...

07 Jan 2014
Just imagine struggling through every single day, while your freedom is slowly being eradicated with each and every passing moment. It is precisely what multiple sclerosis gives its victims. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune illness that damages the myelin sheath, which is an protecting layer of the nervous and brain cells. With the myelin sheath damaged, our body cannot properly transmit signals or complete its usual functions, which results in many complications. Even though this disease isn't terminal, patients generally have a shorter life expectancy in comparison to their healthy counterparts. 

Causes of MS

The cause of MS is largely unidentified, which makes it such a difficult disease to manage. Some researchers attribute it...

07 Jan 2014
Being identified as having any illness could be a frightening experience for anyone. Myeloproliferative disease (MPD) isn't really a condition that lots of people are familiar with so it is usually even more horrifying to have a diagnosis. To start with, you need to learn and understand your condition. Having an understanding of the potential causes, symptoms and treatments may help a lot in dealing with a diagnosis and then managing your problem. 

Myeloproliferative disease is oftentimes known as a myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) and it differs from many forms of cancer, that are referred to as malignant neoplasms. Myeloproliferative disease actually describes a number of similar disorders affecting the bone marrow. In each of the...

20 Dec 2013
Acute myelogenous leukemia disease or AML, is a uncommon kind of cancer that strikes people of any age. Most of the time, however, it is more usual for individuals to be diagnosed with it after the age of sixty. This leukemia is not just one disease, even so, it is really a group of leukemias in which you will find eight other sub-classes of AML. What these related diseases have in common is that they are all cancers of the blood and bone marrow. All these sub-classes of cancers originate from damage to the genes that manage the usual process of generating blood cells. The classification of AML depends on what type of blood cells might be affected, as well as the point when the mutated cells stopped growing.

Basic Causes of AML


19 Dec 2013
Liver Cirrhosis can be the result of various factors just like hepatitis C, fatty liver, and alcohol abuse. Liver Cirrhosis is a slowly growing disease and is the 12th leading cause of death in the usa. Many people will experience signs and symptoms with liver cirrhosis, but they may take a while to appear because it is a slow growing illness. 

The liver is the largest solid organ in the body and has several functions that help maintain the body healthy. The liver helps with clotting, oxygen transport, immune system function, and developing bile. It can help the body with these functions because it makes blood proteins. This organ is extremely important to the body since it stores further nutrients and releases the necessary nutrients...

11 Dec 2013
Leukemia is a lethal condition that can lead to imminent dying. It is essential to know the signs and symptoms of different types of blood cancers for early method of treatment.

People suffering from leukemia experience from one of the deadliest types of blood cancers. It is specifically, a type of cancer of the white blood cells. 

In present day practice, leukemia can additionally refer to malignancy in the blood or any cellular attribute in the bone marrow, whereby, the white blood cells multiply uncontrollably. This issues to even further white blood cells in the bloodstream. This type of blood cancer generally comes about in young children with ages in between 3 to 7 years whilst in adults, it takes place in between ages 50 to 60...

11 Dec 2013
The liver is a vital digestive organ that the body can't survive without. There are a selection of disorders that can impair the liver's ability to perform, which can add to critical health issues. Not all liver conditions can be cured. Chronic liver disease is the gradual damage of liver tissue over time. These diseases can include cirrhosis of the liver fibrosis, liver, alcoholic liver disease,  primary biliary cirrhosis,hepatitis,  primary sclerosing cholangitis and sarcoidosis. In this post, we'll investigate the signs and symptoms of liver disease and potential solutions.

Chronic liver condition consists of any long term liver diseases, such as cirrhosis and hepatitis. Chronic liver illnesses have a tendency to gradually destroy...

11 Dec 2013
Our liver is one of the most critical organs of the entire body. It is engage for cleaning our inner organs of the total gunk and bile that is deposited by a person on a routinary basis. But diseases like Gilbert's disease and other forms of liver disorder can make our livers weak and inclined to breaking down. This needs neccesary treatment in facilities such as AALC Asian American Liver Centre . 

To understand better how the liver is affected by other types of illnesses and the impact of these illnesses to our entire body. Liver illness is a general expression used in outlining any kind of conditions impacting the liver. A lot of of those conditions are accompanied by jaundice caused by the heightened levels of bilirubin in the system....

11 Dec 2013
Cancer is a illness condition in which the body cells grow uncontrollably because their natural regulatory mechanisms have been damaged. There are basically countless numbers of different types and subtypes of cancer nevertheless the majority form solid tumours in specific sections of the entire body. The most common cancers are prostate cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, and bowel cancer . Sadly the condition is extremely proficient at spreading through the blood and the lymphatic system and so in highly developed cancer cases it is not strange to see secondary tumours in far off sections of the body.

The Genetics of Cancer 

One of the most considerable advancements in cancer research came in the late Seventies when experts...